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Motocool – Radiator & Anti-Rust – 3.8L

Motocool liquid Green color Coolant Antirust is primarily used to cool, light and heavy water based engines.
Motocool liquid protects motors against high heat , corrosion , rust, calcinations , wear and especially for
Aluminum head and block cylinders. Motocool liquid also ensures a longer life time to water pumps and
engines , prevents the obstruction of water flow, especially for radiators, and preserves the tenderness of water hoses and all rubber pieces . The Green fluorescent color helps spot leakage.
Formulated for hot & moderate climates. For full protection it may be mixed easily with Motocool Anti-freeze in white gallons.

It’s a solutions which is able to be evaporated and frozen, it contains the following:
1. Special substances Alcaline for protection against rust and corrosion.
2. Refined water and chemical materials for long life.
3. Materials that prevent foam and bubbles.
4. Sodium Floressine whish gives to the liquid a green color which helps to discover immediately the leakage.


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3.8 L


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