About Hicham Group

Our Story

Hicham Group For Industry & Trading is a leading manufacturer of various chemical products within different scopes of activity. Established in 1999, Hicham Group has been a major player in the Lebanese market with respect to chemical manufacturing, in addition to its role in the international market by exporting private label products aside to its own brands. Hicham Group is dedicated in pursuing business with different clients across the world, building relationships, and delivering customer satisfaction.

Our products cover diverse categories, as we produce Home & Industrial cleaning detergents, Hygiene Products, and Car treatment products.

Hicham Group strives to maintain high-quality & affordable pricing throughout its production standards by meeting customer demands and preserving effective supply chain processes.

With over three different brands, Hicham Group is fully committed to supply its clients with their own private label according to chosen specifications.

Our Mission

Hicham Group’s mission is to manufacture and distribute high-quality detergents and sanitizing products to households, institutions, and wholesalers now and for generations to come. We strive to be one of the top-notch companies in the region. We aim to exceed the customers’ expectations of high-quality products while maintaining affordable prices. We are customer-oriented that is why we promise to act with honesty, fairness, and integrity to fulfill their needs. We are fully aware of our environment that's why we respond quickly to opportunities that aim to serve our customer base.


Hicham Group’s aspires to be the region’s first choice in manufacturing and distributing chemical products.



We work with honesty and strong moral principles.


We bring innovation into our daily tasks and into our projects.


We work on creating a strong bond with our customers.

Commitment to Quality

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products to our customers.