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Kuhltech (G11) 1.5L – 100%

Is environmentally friendly antifreeze concentrate for multipurpose applications in water cooled engines.
It does not contain any nitrites, amines or phosphorous additives.
Kuhltech (G11) protects all material used in cooling systems and is recommended for non-ferrous metals and year-round use.

•Appearance Blue, Bright & Clear.
•Density at 20°C 1125 kg/m3.
•Flash Point >225°C / > 437°F.
•Boiling Point >165°C / > 329°F.
•Water Content Max 5%.
•Mixing Ratio With Water 50/50.
•Boiling Point With Water 110°C/230°F.
•Freezing Point With Water -37°C/-34°F.
•pH-Value 9.0.

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